The Cost Of Car Glass: Auto Glass Prices

One of the many concerns of car owners is auto glass prices. We are all well aware that glasses are fragile. It can easily break with the lightest of touch and even with proper care. Though auto glass is made sturdier and durable than most glasses, I still find them quite fragile. With the erratic weather conditions my car experiences where I live, it is without a doubt easy to break and incur cracks and slits all over. Most of the time, if the cracks and slits are caused by accidents or thieves it is covered by my insurance policy. But since it is caused mostly by the weather, my insurance policy cannot cover the repair and replacement of it. This is why I think knowing the prices is important; so you know how much you will have to pay when such incident happens to you.

Typical Auto Glass Prices
I found that auto glass is priced varyingly depending on the damage and many other factors that come into play. Here are some of the typical damages encountered in many auto glasses and how much they fare:
• Chips and cracks – this type of damage are often encountered in many cars. Most of the time insurance policies already cover this damage so you don’t have anything to pay anymore – not even a deductible. But this is true for certain chips and cracks only: it must not be on the driver’s side and is small according to their size.
• Replacement windshields – if the damage is irreparable, replacement might be needed. This usually ranges from $157 up to $324 for most passenger cars. For SUV’s it s a bit more expensive ranging from $164 up to $290.

Additional Auto Glass Prices
Aside from the cost of repair and replacement, there are other additional costs that you might have to pay. Here are some of those additional costs you have to prepare paying for:
• Rubber moldings – some cars require new rubber moldings or special rubber moldings when replacing auto glass. This can cost you anywhere between $5 and $21.
• Wipers – if you had your windshield replaced, replacing your wipers is also important to do as well as the blades of the wiper. This can cost anywhere between $10 and $20.

What Should Be Included In The Price
With the price quotation that you get, it should include many other things not just the labor cost or the cost of the material. Here is a list of what the prices should include so you know if you are getting your money’s worth.
• With replacement costs, it should typically include the glass itself, labor, installation, adhesive, and cleaning after.
• Warranty and guarantees are also often included had you encountered problems after the replacement or the repair has been made.

The Cost Of Glass
With all that said, maintaining a perfect condition of your auto glass can entail a ton of money. But safety is always important which is why such amount of money should not worry you especially if you have insurance. These auto glass prices can help you get an idea on how much you will have to spend when the time comes that you glass will need repairs or replacement.